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What Exactly Is A White-glove Service?

In simple terms, it is a premium delivery service, marked with special attention to details, especially with certain items that require handling with care during transportation to include inside deliveries.

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White-glove logistics is used to deliver specialty goods including valuable, fragile and climate-sensitive items like artwork, machinery, hospital supplies, (FF&E) furniture fixtures, and equipment. The list goes on! However, while every other logistics and delivery company claims to handle shipments with the utmost care, it is the AZL white-glove team that sets this special delivery service apart from the rest.

Special packaging

Shipping specialty items can get very complicated, but AZL white-glove service makes it easier. We offers special, customized packaging of goods depending on their size, nature, value, and fragility. We also offer corrugated containers, custom boxes, blanket wrap, and specially designed crates that pass international shipping requirements.


Our AZL white-glove agents follow the best packing methods and practices to enable easy handling of goods to avoid even the smallest damage. All this to ensure safe last-mile delivery of the customer’s most valued and special assets.

Attention to detail

Our AZL team takes the additional effort and care to offer a no-stress delivery and fulfillment experience to their customers. Our carriers are trained experts who follow standard protocols and guidelines for handling consignments safely throughout the delivery process.


White-glove service is a growing trend among consumers because of the special care and personalized experience it offers and executes.

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