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AZL 360 Solution:
The Advantages of Outsourcing
Supply Chain Management

A logistics partner with built-in end-to-end capability can more effectively manage your entire supply chain, allowing you to optimize your operations—unlocking greater savings, new opportunities, and more.

AZL specialist managing your operations, no hiring required

Companies find themselves struggling at times to keep their supply chain running efficiently without all the resources they need. Current labor market and future projections are pushing companies to hire a “body,” instead of who they need in this role due to the shortage of quality skilled help, as well as company monetary resources. This is especially true during periods of economic uncertainty when hiring may be out of the question. AZL will manage your logistics without the expense and commitment involved in the hiring process. This also allows you to position your existing team so they can focus on higher-level tasks, rather than the day-to-day logistics

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Complete peace of mind, with every step of the logistics process being taken care of right at your site.

Nearly every shipper has areas within their operations that they want to improve on. From labor shortages to always wanting to figure out how to make your company more profitable, we have the solution. Whether it is a lack of visibility into their freight bills, not having an expert in-house managing carrier processes, or not knowing the avenues for answers and resolutions, all of these can keep a supply chain manager with many sleepless nights. No more worries we have you covered from A to Z.

By AZL managing your logistics, shippers can reduce internal overhead while gaining peace of mind. From selecting optimal carriers, negotiating LTL carrier rates, and getting the tariffs you need in place, to tracking freight and analyzing your logistics spend.


By entrusting a partner with vast supply chain capabilities to manage your logistics from end to end, rather than just managing a small piece of it, you also enable us to get to know your business inside out. This makes it easier for our AZL on-site specialist with a consultative focus to spot opportunities to save money, make suggestions on processes, and improve efficiency—which can pay dividends down the line.

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