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AZL Air Freight Division

Every day freight is shipped across the country - but only one is important: Yours!

Strong logistics are the key to shipping. unlocks this competitive advantage through its experienced agents, business longevity, relationships in the industry, advanced freight tracking technologies, and an extensive network of air carriers and ground carriers to make sure your shipment is managed throughout.

As the daily demands of business and pace of competition continue increasing, you need a logistics partner who can keep up. Whether you are shipping your first freight load or your two-hundredth, as an experienced Logistics Specialist, AZL can arrange superior air freight, air charter and ground expedited freight services throughout North America as well an international. We manage your freight shipment through the entire logistics chain from the first mile to last mile. Your shipment is not only monitored by a live support team, but automatic updates are sent every hour until delivered.

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Connect with an Air Freight Specialist Now 636-200-2100  
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