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LTL Services Customized To Your Business

We work every day to make quoting, booking and managing your LTL shipments simple and hassle-free.

Our LTL transportation specialists and our TMS allow you to select the service level for each shipment, while Alpha Zero team proactively tracks, communicates and resolves issues every step of the way. Thousands of customers rely on AZL to leverage LTL because of our knowledge and experience.

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Why Use AZL For Your Less Than Truckload Shipments?

In addition to our exceptional level of service, communication, and visibility we believe in servicing your LTL business with the support that best fits your needs. You can choose to rely on your dedicated transportation specialist to handle everything, utilize our self-service technology through our AZL transportation management system, or take advantage of our customer specific pricing program for a managed solution.

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A Less-than-Truckload trailer is filled up with pallets from individual shippers who are paying for space based on the dimesional space of their goods

Account Specific Pricing Program

Leverage our 3PL national accounts program tailored to your commodities and your company’s needs to get the pricing to make profit. National and regional LTL capacity throughout the US as well as international.

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Proactive Communication

Alpha Zero’s tracking/tracing department is responsible once that shipment is dispatched until delivered. Our tracking team starts out the morning with adding pro’s and making sure your shipment is moving. If any shipment is not moving, we are on the phone with the terminal making sure not only its loaded out, but someone has eyes on your freight. Your freight is monitored by live personnel until delivered. The team also provides a daily report by 10am CST on daily live tracking until your shipment is delivered.

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On-site Visit

Our company’s hands-on philosophy starts on the ground floor. We request an on-site visit with no commitment to use Alpha Zero logistics. Understanding a company’s business model, we feel is invaluable by site visits.

Our long-term success with our customers is learning from them. Being on site allows us to see all your commodities, hear from your shipping/receiving team, and listen to what your logistics pain points are. We can put together a plan that is not only based on lowering your spend, but to assist in streamlining any processes that are taking time away from what your freight team could be working on.

The other unique feature with Alpha Zero is that the person or people that would visit are operations manager(s), not salesmen. No one needs, nor has time for, a sales pitch letting you know they have the highest discounts or is the best at everything. You want somebody who truly understands your business and puts a program in place specifically for your company. When our team member arrives back to our corporate headquarters a power point training session is put together based on the knowledge given to educate the ops team that will be handling your freight.

Following site visits is when we go to work for you. We put together RFP’s (request for pricing) packets and go after first and foremost the LTL carriers you want to be the front runners, then add regional, and other nationwide carriers. By having other options gives you a plan B if ever needed.

The pricing is based upon your specific needs, not just a blanket rate. This is the time we submit any accessorial you have on what we call the “wish” list. We first ask to have them removed from the tariff and if that is not possible that we request the bare minimum be charged for the extra services required for your LTL shipping.

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Transportation Specialist

Tired of sitting on hold with an LTL carrier to find out if your freight picked up or delivered? Not at Alpha Zero, our team is trained to pick up the phone and talk to all of our customers. A dedicated specialist to assist with quoting, bills of ladings, tracking/tracing, as well as guiding you through our on-line portal if desired to pull rates direct.

Bill Audits

Any freight bills not 100% matching are automatically sent to our AZL Freight Audit team for review before invoicing you any additional charges. The processes we have in place ensures our customers they are never just up charged for a shipment without it thoroughly going through our audit investigation team. You will never receive a second invoice. Any adjustments in an invoice due to an accessorial or reweigh that is found to be legitimate, you will be notified prior before receiving our invoice. During the auditing process you will be notified if any information you can provide could assist us with the invoice being disputed.

LTL Claims

At AZL we have an internal claims department that will handle your LTL claim from beginning to the end. If anyone has ever dealt with an LTL carrier on claims, it can be quite cumbersome. Most people believe when a carrier denies a claim with a clear signature from the receiver not notating any damage, they are free of any responsibility, and the claim is denied. This is not true!

Our AZL claims department recovers over 94% of the damaged claims filed. The recovery on a claim has everything to do with immediate action once a shipment potentially has damage. Our claims processing steps ensures nothing is missed along the way to get either full recovery or partial monetary damages back in your pocket.

As part of our on-boarding process we will walk you through our claims procedures as well as provide documents to keep on hand in the event of a possible damage freight claim occurs. Our informational guide will not only help you understand how we handle your claim but will also provide your receivers with some general knowledge when signing for a shipment showing possible damage.

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